Videos of Caro & Topete Guitars

Company Videos

          General overview of Caro & Topete Guitars


             Another View of Caro & Topete Guitars


Ian at Westwood Music Demonstrates a Model DSc


Performance Videos

 Mauricio Hernandez Monterrubio performs "Tango en Sky"

Dale Kavanagh in concert using Caro - Topete Model CS

 Gilberto Gonzalez on "Todo Es Un Misterio"

 Yussi Wenger on a custom 8 string guitar by Ernesto Caro

 Alonso Aguirre - Guitarist and Composer

 David Mozqueda and Winfried Kellner

 J.S.Bach, Concerto in Dm (bwv974) by Antonio Barajas


     "For The First Time" - performed by Eduardo Ulloa


 "Every Sha la la (Yesterday Once More)" - Eduardo Ulloa


Other Videos

 David Filio shows a Caro & Topete guitar (Spanish)


David Filio demonstrates a Caro & Topete guitar