A number of renowned guitarists in Mexico and Europe play Caro & Topete guitars. Guitarists include such illuminaries as Mauricio Hernandez Monterrubio, Dale Kavanagh, Yussi Wenger, Gilberto Gonzalez, Alonso Aguirre, David Mozqueda, Winfried Kellner, Antonio Barajas, Eduardo Ulloa, and David Filio.

Paul Jackson Jr.

Last summer, Kopecky Guitars contacted Mr. Jackson regarding Caro-Topete Guitars. In a meeting held in Mr. Jackson's office at the campus of University of Southern California, Mr. Jackson had the opportunity to try a number of the Caro-Topete models offered in the US. Impressed by its bold and powerful sound, Mr. Jackson elected to order the flagship Model MX, to be equipped with a Barbera Soloist Transducer to capture the natural sound of this beautiful instrument. Mr. Jackson was offered his choice of available top pieces and additionally requested that fret markers be put in the top side of the fingerboard.    

In late November, 2019, just before Thanksgiving, the guitar was delivered to Mr. Jackson who delighted in it's sound and playability. He will be using this beautiful guitar in upcoming recording projects and concerts. We are all eagerly awaiting hearing more from Mr. Jackson and his stunning new Caro-Topete Model MX.


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B.J. Golden

At Summer NAMM 2018 in Nashville last July, Mr. B.J. Golden, guitarist for country western singing star Brantley Gilbert, stopped our booth and played a Model MX guitar, hear him play using the link below. Based upon his initial impression of the MX, B.J. decided to comission Ernesto Caro to build him a custom flamenco guitar based on design elements of the MX which was delivered in early November 2018. B.J. is now using this beautiful guitar in recordings and concert performances with Mr. Glibert where a fine concert guitar is required.   



 B.J. Golden performs "Felicidades" on a Model MX guitar

 B.J. Golden performing in concert with Brantley Gilbert on his custom made Caro y Topete flamenco guitar

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Roger Espinoza

At NAMM 2019 in Anaheim, Nicaraguan born Roger Espinoza, LA-based World guitarist and composer, stopped by our booth and fell in love with a Model ESe fitted with a Barbera Soloist transducer. As a result of our meeting, Kopecky guitars provided this guitar to Roger and he is now an official endorser of Caro & Topete guitars. Roger is a product of American music and a faithful student of the traditional music of the gypsies. A guitar virtuoso who has studied with the legendary Jorge Strunz of the ever so popular guitar duo Strunz and Farah, and Flamenco Maestro Paco Arroyo, Roger has released a number of CDs and has numerous television and movie credits. More information about Roger and samples of his music can be found on his website    



Roger with his Model ESe


Steinar Aadnekvam

Also at NAMM 2019 in January 2019, critically acclaimed jazz Scandanavian guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam also fell in love with our model ESe equiped with a Barbera Soloist Transducer and took delivery on one of these beautiful guitars in February. Originally born in Norway but now based in Sweden, Steinar continues to use this guitar for recording and concert tours throughout Europe with his dynamite group Freedom's Trio. His music is a combination of Latin and funk with highly polished jazz lines throughout and features extraodinary virtuousity both on Steinar's part and on the part of his group mates, bassist Rubem Farias of Brasil and singer/drummer Deodato Siquir from Mozambique. It is remarkable testimony to the universal nature of music that this beautiful Caro & Topete guitar, handcrafted in a small shop in Guadalajara, is now entertaining appreciative audiences on the other side of the world. Please visit Steinar's website at for more information about Steinar and impressive videos of live performances of this remarkable young virtuoso using his beautiful Model ESe.

Steinar performs at NAMM 2019



Kopecky Guitars is looking for established artists in the US to use, endorse, and promote Caro y Topete Guitars. If you are an established and active music professional and would like to explore endorsement and promotional opportunities, please contact John Kopecky for more information. He can be reached by cellphone at 619-895-5262 or via email at