A number of renowned guitarists in Mexico and Europe play Caro & Topete guitars. Guitarists include such illuminaries as Mauricio Hernandez Monterrubio, Dale Kavanagh, Yussi Wenger, Gilberto Gonzalez, Alonso Aguirre, David Mozqueda, Winfried Kellner, Antonio Barajas, Eduardo Ulloa, and David Filio.

B.J. Golden

At Summer NAMM 2018 in Nashville last July, Mr. B.J. Golden, guitarist for country western singing star Brantley Gilbert, stopped our booth and played a Model MX guitar, hear him play using the link below. Based upon his initial impression of the MX, B.J. decided to comission Ernesto Caro to build him a custom flamenco guitar based on design elements of the MX which was delivered in early November 2018. B.J. is now using this beautiful guitar in concert performances with Mr. Glibert where a fine concert guitar is required.   



 B.J. Golden performs "Felicidades" on a Model MX guitar

 B.J. Golden performing in concert with Brantley Gilbert on his custom made Caro y Topete flamenco guitar


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