In the course of over seven years of experimentation, Caro and Topete assumed no element of traditional design to be sacred and instead set out to create the best sounding instrument possible based on the evaluations of over 150 prototypes built. Along the way, they discovered and developed a number of design features which combine to create the clarity and power of their instruments' tone and result in a very pleasing modern design.


The first thing you notice about the Caro & Topete design is that the traditional round sound hole found on most acoustic guitars is missing and instead there are small sound holes on the treble shoulder. Underneath is an innovative internal bracing system which is used to varying degrees on all models. The result of this departure from tradition is a soundboard with a larger mass that vibrates with greater amplitude and is the primary driver of the instruments tonal power and dynamic responsiveness.

Lateral Acoustic Ports


Lateral acoustic ports are incorporated into the design of each guitar, the exact size and location has developed over years of experimentation through the construction and testing of more than 150 prototypes. These ports allow the sound to project from the body and take the place, to a certain extent of the round sound hole found in the soundboards of most traditionally designed acoustic guitars.



Double Bridges


The double bridge design more effectively transmits string vibration to the soundboard than the traditional single bridge design. Two points of contact are established with the second bridge providing more downward pressure to the soundboard. More of the strings’ energy is transmitted. Additionally the second bridge is movable which provides the ability to make precise adjustments to string intonation.



Headstock Design


The headstock designs found on all instruments are not only an interesting visual design element but also increase the transmission of strings vibrations from the tuning machines through the neck and to the bodies of the guitars. This increased transmissions aids in the increased tonal power and responsive of Caro &Topete guitars compared to guitars using traditional designs.



Edge Binding



While edge binding has been used for many years as a means to the protect corners of the bodies of guitars, Caro and Topete found that the binding along the top of the instrument dampens acoustic responsiveness. As a result, on their professional and concert grade instruments, this binding has been eliminated.


It is the combination of these design features, some more significant than others,which gives the Caro & Topete guitars the significant amplitude gain, tonal clarity, and responsiveness when compared to their traditionally designed counterparts. And they are what give the Caro & Topete guitars their sleek modern look.