Guitars From Paracho

As many guitarists know, Paracho is a small pueblo located high in the remote mountains of Michoacan and has long been a world recognized center for guitar building for many years. While most of the guitar production focuses on mass-produced inexpensive instruments, there are a number of world renowned luthiers based there with younger luthiers gaining the experience to produce world class traditionally designed instruments. The pueblo is literally jammed packed with guitar shops and luthiers operating out of their homes and it can be overwhelming to shop for and find a quality instrument given the plethora of options during a short visit.

             Guitars Available

Generally speaking, there are two levels of guitars commonly available which include the “estudio” (or student) and “concierto” (or concert) guitars. The estudio guitars typically use palo escrito for the backs and sides with fretboards of rosewood or cocobolo and the concierto guitars are normally constructed using rosewood or other exotic tonewoods with ebony fretboards. Guitars are available with either Cedar or Spruce tops and use a traditional design (as opposed to the innovative Caro & Topete guitars). Prices for a quality student model guitar are typically in the range of 25,000 pesos MXN (about $1300) and the prices for concert guitars can range from 45,000 pesos to more than 70,000 pesos (about $2300 to $3500) or more depending upon the specific tonewoods used, custom details, and the reputation of the luthier.

             Services Offered by Kopecky Guitars

While Kopecky Guitars is actively promoting Caro & Topete guitars in the U.S., we recognize that many players prefer traditional design guitars and, accordingly, have established relationships with a number of the finest builders in Paracho, both world recognized luthiers and emerging younger builders, many of whom have won numerous awards in the annual Paracho Guitar Festival. For players desiring a traditional guitar, we can assist in finding the perfect guitar compatible with your quality and pricing objectives. We offer the following fee-based services:

            Assistance in selecting a luthier

            Negotiating price and transfer of funds safely

            Oversight of the guitar construction

            Inspection of the completed guitar

            Safe transportation to any point in the world

If you are interested in obtaining a quality instrument from Paracho and cannot take the time and expense of traveling to the remote parts of Michoacan or may lack the basic Spanish language skills to comunicate with the luthiers, please contact John Kopecky at 619-895-5262 or for more information about our buying services.