Caro y Topete Model ES Nylon Stringed Guitar


The nylon string ES model is geared to the working professional and is available with a soundboard of either Engelmann Spruce (shown above) or Canadian Cedar (shown below). The back and sides use highly figured Palo Escrito, a native Mexican rosewood. This exceptionally valued guitar is suitable for almost every musical situation and implements the Caro y Topete design features to the extent that this fine instrument is an ideal balance between price and performance. Note many professional players have selected this instrument as their everyday guitar for performances and recordings.

The ES model is the quintessential Caro y Topete design - it's sillhouette is incorporated into the company logo.  With no edge binding along the top, the soundboard is more free to vibrate and the distinctive geometric design of the headstock promotes the transmission of the vibrations from the strings down the neck and to the body of the guitar.  A great sounding and playing instrument, by virtue of soundboard and headstock design, this guitar has a clean modern appearance that stands out from traditionally designed guitars.





Sides and Back of Palo Escrito

Soundboard of Canadian Cedar or Englemann Spruce (Models ESc or ESe respectively)

Cocobolo Fretboard 

Cedar Neck

Rosewood Bridges

String Lenght: 650mm

Bone Nut

Width at Nut: 51mm

Brilliant (ESc) or Matte (ESe) Polyurethane Finish