Caro Topete Model DS Nylon Stringed Guitar


The nylon string DS model is an exceptional value in today’s market. Constructed of all solid wood, this guitar features a soundboard of either Engelmann Spruce or Canadian Cedar and back and sides of solid Sapele. The Caro & Topete design solutions are implemented in their most basic form with a sound that rivals many expensive traditional design guitars. This instrument has great playability and appearance at an accessible price.


The DS model incorporates many of the Caro & Topete design features with the primary differences from more expensive models being that the internal bracing is simplified, the sides and backs use less expensive materials (Sapele), and the top includes binding.  It retains the characteristic power and acoustic responsiveness of all of the Caro & Topete guitars and compares favorably in terms of sound and playability to traditionally designed guitars costing many times more.  A great value, with exceptional tone, the DS model shares the same clean modern appearance with other Caro & Topete guitars and is sure to become a favorite among guitarists of all types.



Sides and Back of Solid Sapele

Soundboard of Canadian Cedar or Englemann Spruce (Models DSc or DSe respectively)

Rosewood Fretboard 

Cedar Neck

Rosewood Bridges

String Length: 640mm

Bone Nut

Width at Nut: 51mm

Brilliant Polyurethane Finish