Caro Topete Model FX Steel Stringed Guitar


The Concert Series FX steel string guitar is the ultimate in design, materials, and workmanship and is personally hand crafted my master luthier Ernesto Caro, available only as a special order item.  The finest tonewoods are used including premium Canadian Cedar for the soundboard and back and sides of Indian Rosewood. The design elements of Caro & Topete are embodied in their most robust form in this fine instrument, including a proprietary bracing system, a unique headstock design which more efficiently transfers string vibrations to the body, the use of lateral acoustic ports,  and eliminating the top edge binding to enable the soundboard to vibrate more freely. 

In order to prevent the loss of acoustic responsiveness associated with a cutaway and to enable access to the higher frets, this guitar incorporates an offset shoulder design.  The full bodied tone is retained and access to the 16th fret is unobstructed.  The resulting tone is balanced between the warm full bass notes, the clear midtones, and the crisp projective responsiveness of the higher register.   With shimmering tone and stellar looks, this is truly an exceptional world class guitar.





Sides and Back of Indian Rosewood

Soundboard of Canadian Cedar

Ebony Fretboard 

Cedar Neck

Ebony Bridges

String Length: 665mm (26.18")

Bone Nut

Width at Nut: 44mm (1.75")

Brilliant Polyurethane Finish